When you enjoy the healing benefits from Cannabis for over thirty years, you reflect on the many forms Cannabis takes now and the different ways to consume it.  Sure we had “pot brownies” back in the day but we never called them edibles.  We didn’t have Google to look up a recipe, instead someone always had a cousin/friend/chemist who made some and they were sure you boiled the buds to extract the thc. We never even considered extracting the essential oil from Cannabis and vaping it, we didn’t even know what vaping was!

These days there is a mind boggling array of forms Cannabis takes and just as many ways to consume it.  Let’s start with concentrates which are concentrated forms of cannabis; there’s wax (the wax we used was put on cars and skis) shatter (what happens when you drop a bong) earwax (the stuff in your ears) and Co2 oils ( the oil we used we cooked with-Mazola!)  So wax, shatter and earwax is scooped up (dabbed) by a small spoon and placed in a preheated banger (not the sausage) which is heated by a torch (no, not rags wrapped around a broom handle and soaked in gasoline) and then inhaled using a dab rig (not an oil rig but close!) Potency for these products range from 60-90% THC so be careful when trying these for the first time.  Bud potency ranges from 10-30% THC so it’s quite a jump up to concentrates.  However, once you are up there, the view is wonderful.  I find it’s a much more “cleaner” buzz and depending on whether it’s a Sativa, Indica or Hybrid, I’m either energized and focused, ready to hit the sack or jumping on my bike for a quick ride around the neighborhood. We carry some of the best concentrates you can find anywhere in Colorado.  Ask your budtender what form and strain is right for you!

When it comes to vaping, I’ve tried no less than six different products that use Co2 processed Cannabis concentrate.  It’s an oil that goes into a cartridge attached to a battery which you smoke like a cigarette (please don’t smoke cigarettes) and potency ranges from 30-90% THC. I find it much less irritating then smoking a joint or out of a bong due to basically just inhaling vapor (albeit infused with THC). It’s a much more “focused” high with less of the psychoactive effects you would normally find when consuming cannabis.  It’s hard to explain but it’s definitely a different buzz, one that must be experienced.  Believe it or not, there are still more forms of concentrate out there, stop by to find out the latest one to drop! But wait, there’s more ways to consume……Continued next month!