Cannabis is a giver always has been always will be, the Greeks used cannabis in bath houses, the founding colonies Planted cannabis to product textiles for linens, many patrons of pot know and understand the relaxing qualities of smoking and consuming the plant however did you know that cannabis can be healthy for you, provide nutrition, and even…enhance other areas of someone’s life.

              One thing that doesn’t come to mind when you first think of the seven-leaf clover is that of sexual stimulation. It’s weird to hear let alone take seriously, however weed and whoopee go quite well together for several reasons. Companies like Foria have found a way to incorporate the healthy, rather

    When it comes to intimacy and marijuana the products in the industry thus far have proved themselves to be safe, consistent and to be frank effective. A company by the name of Foria has designed and formulated an intimacy line that both stimulates and invigorates partners and participants alike. Cannabis lubricants, to some of the products patrons it promotes increased sensitivity for the women and for many of the gentlemen an increase in capability. Apparently, the feeling is described as an overall “warming” sensation that really “adds to the experience,” being that cannabinoids are a nero-inhibitor it only makes sense that it stimulates other senses. In addition to lubricants the company also produces a suppository line for festive lovers who are ready for potent experiences (Suppositories absorb at a MUCH higher rate) which can be quite intense.

              This Valentines season, whether it be gift giving or practicing self-love make sure to stop into Green Tree Medicinals to pick up some of the Foria line as well as other holiday goodies.