With all the hype about CBD tinctures, salves, cremes and edibles, one tends to forget the purest form of CBD and it’s natural form before refinement! For instance on our medical side, one can find Pure Hemp Collective’s Functional Isolate CBD “Clementine” .  This isolate you can “dab” and get a instant concentrated dose of CBD to cure your pain or anxiety.  It’s not for everyone as “dabbing” requires tools and can be intimidating.  But for those who do dab and have their rigs all set up, dabbing Clementine is a wonderful experience that is well worth it.  It’s flavorful , smooth and definitely gives you your bang for the buck!  You can find Clementine at our Boulder location today!


But what about the purist who want to enjoy their CBD the “natural” way?  Well concentrates have to come from somewhere and they come from Cannabis flower and leaves.  They’re several strains that have been bred to have high a CBD to THC ratio.  Strains such as Critical Mass (right) have a high CBD to THC ratio meaning the cannabinoids in this strain contains more CBD then THC.  For example, high CBD strains may contain 17% CBD and 8.5% THC or a 2:1 ratio.  This ratio is very important if you’re looking for a high CBD strain with out the high THC content that makes you feel “stoned”.  By smoking CBD in it’s “natural” from, you can dial in the dose that’s right for you.  It may take a few puffs or several before you begin to feel the desired effects.  We have other strains such as Harlequin that we carry, each store has their own high CBD strains, so be sure to stop by and check them out.  You won’t be disappointed!