The NEW CBD Revolution Part 1

It seems everyday a new product comes out with CBD as a main ingredient.  Why is CBD suddenly becoming the new “It” health product of 2018?  Let’s review what CBD is, where it comes from and why all the fuss now?

CBD is a Cannabinoid found in the Cannabis flower.  When consumed, it mimics the body’s naturally produced endocannabinoids, which are responsible for maintaining the body’s health and homeostasis. They’re over 60 cannabinoids found in Cannabis and they can be classified into two categories: psychoactive and non-psychoactive.

The most common psychoactive cannabinoids are THC, THCV and CBN. These are known to give you that “high” feeling.  The most common non-psychoactive cannabinoids are CBD, CBG,CBL and CBC.  CBD is by far the most abundant cannabiniod constituting about 40% of cannabis resin.  So what does this mean to you, the consumer?

Let’s take one of our products, Fast Action Gel from Escape Artists. It allows micro dosing of gel right on the tongue. So each of the three products, Fun, Relaxation and Relief all contain 100mg of cannabinoids.  The difference is the ratio of THC:CBD and the strain used.  So FUN, as it’s name implies, is best suited for fun activities such as hiking, biking, skiing etc. It’s 100% Sativa distillate so it’s uplifting, energetic, focused etc. It contains no CBD so therefore wouldn’t help alleviate pain or inflammation. Now Relaxation is 50mg THC and 50mg CBD, a 1:1 ratio. It’s formulated for relaxation and a mild high.  The Indica gives you the relaxation and the CBD provides pain and inflammation relief.  This would be excellent for bedtime. Although Relief has a similar ration of 1:1 THC to CBD, it’s formulated with different extracts to improve circulation and reduce stress.  It also uses the Indica flower for a more sedated high.

Next time we’ll discuss what the FDA did recently that put CBD in the national spotlight.  Until then, feel free to stop in and discuss with one of our educated Budtenders which CBD products would be right for you!  Remember, every Sunday, all locations,  20% off select CBD products.