live sauce carts adStrain Specific Live Sauce Carts from Green Tree Medicinals!

Coming soon to a location near you-our live sauce cartridges are sure to become one of your favorites!  Derived from our own soil grown fresh flower, these live sauce carts are rich in live terpenes and pack a powerful punch.  The strain specific cartridges include Cornbread, Golden Goat, Blue Dream and more to come! The custom made cartridges feature a variable air intake system to personalize your experience.

The taste is incredible! The live terpenes shine through and the hit is smooth as silk. I was able to dial in the perfect amount of draw with the variable intake air system.  The cartridges, when paired with our new 510 battery, have quickly become my personal favorite.  The battery has three different power settings, low, medium and high.  It also has a “sesh” mode that continues heating for ten seconds.  Try out our new carts for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.  Available for both our medical and recreational patients/customers.