A day of love, a day of affection, February 14th better known as Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to explore enticing new products in the Cannabis industry. We’re all well acquainted with Cannabis and candy, all too familiar with a little bit of bud in our brownies for a nice euphoric feeling. Well a company called 1906 has given the cannabis community a new product to play with, the small yet extremely efficient High Love coffee beans & chocolates and they are fantastic! The company has shifted their focus less towards getting you high as physically possible and focuses more on specific feelings such as energy, sleep, or in this case… intimacy. 1906 decided they would infuse their edibles with different additives to enhance a consumer’s experience.

 “And by golly they sure do work” – Green Tree Patron

The energy line uses espresso beans, the sleep line incorporates corydalis and the “High Love” line has an age-old herb that goes by the name of ashwagandha root. Ashwagandha is known as an aphrodisiac and is found in India, for generations the rare root has been used in tandem with practices such as the Kama Sutra, to otherwise enhance the feeling of warmth and euphoria especially when it’s paired with cannabis such as the High Love Coffee beans or the 3 piece chocolates, the espresso not only helps your body retain the value of the cannabis but also provides a perky attentiveness that some people lose after smoking or eating other typical edibles.

 Another way the 1906 line stands out from other edible companies is their reluctance to produces chocolates with 10mg of THC (the industry maximum standard.) the innovators chose to pair 5mg of THC with 5mg of CBD along with their herbal blends and personally, I don’t recommend letting those “low doses” fool you, 1906 has science on their side! Innovators at their finest using 1906’s “lipid encapsulation process” meaning, their product seems (for most users) to work within 20-30 minutes of consumption, and they hit HARD. The company even recommends only consuming a max of two pieces (just 10mg of THC & CBD) in a session.

1906 is a new take on consuming edibles, your consuming with a purpose, a set goal in mind This Valentine’s day make your way to Green Tree Medicinals and experiment with the 1906 High Love.

                                                                 One Love