Green Tree Medicinals is so excited to introduce our very own vape battery and rolling tray!

Our battery has a 510 thread and works with every 510 cartridge we currently carry. This includes, but not limited to O.PenVAPE, Evolab, PatPen, Harmony, Hi Tech and many more!  It has three temperature settings and also has a ten second “sesh mode”.  The exterior is almost all metal with a micro USB port for the included micro USB charger. Stop by today and pick one up!

We’ve been waiting for these rolling trays for a while and they didn’t disappoint!  Sturdy 100% metal with rounded edges, these 5″x7″ rolling trays are perfect for rolling fatties and blunts alike!  Pick one up for yourself and don’t forget one for your favorite smoking buddy!

*All pricing does not include tax and subject to availability