A new study published in JAMA Psychiatry suggests that CBD plays a role in normalizing brain function during psychotic episodes.  The objective of the study was to investigate the neurocognitive mechanisms that underlie the therapeutic effects of CBD in psychosis.  The study, done in London over a period of almost three years,  collected data from 33 people and analyzed it for CBD’s influence. And they found it!  “Cannabidiol may partially normalize alterations in parahippocampal, striatal, and midbrain function associated with the CHR state. As these regions are critical to the pathophysiology of psychosis, the influence of CBD at these sites could underlie its therapeutic effects on psychotic symptoms.”   Basically CBD seems to “normalize” parts of the brain effected by psychosis.  More research is needed clearly but it’s excited nonetheless for the people affected by psychosis and the tireless researchers looking to Cannabis to help heal naturally. If you’re looking to try CBD to see if it’s right for you, The Growing Kitchen provides a perfect opportunity with their Chill Pills.  At 10mg CBD and 10 mg THC, it’s a perfect balance 1:1, these Outrageous Orange pills might just be your answer!  We carry these and other CBD infused edibles at all of our locations in Colorado.  Stop by and talk with one of our educated bud tenders about CBD and the health benefits it may provide you!    -Excerpts from JAMA Psychiatry