Early distinctions between Cannabis strains began in the 18th century when differences between their structure and resin production were noted. Cannabis indica originated in the Hindu Kush region near Afghanistan, where they developed thick coats of resin as protection against the harsh climate. Indica strains tend to be more sedating and relaxing, with full-body effects that “lock” you to the couch. Cannabis sativa thrive in temperate areas closer to the equator amidst variable weather patterns. Sativas have racier cerebral effects that leave us feeling energized and uplifted. The hybrid category was adopted later on as breeders began mixing genetics and are often thought of as a ‘balance” of effects. Breeders name their strains based on the genetic lineage and growth characteristics. Not every grower fully complies with this strategy but for the most part you can distinguish the strains effects by the name it is sold as if you understand the history of Cannabis genetics like we do at Green Tree.